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Mabel Turns One

Even though I am unsure about most things in life, I am certain I love you and will continue to love you forever…

Who else is guilty of binging on Pinterest the week before their kids birthday? Well that was me last week. Our baby girl Mabel turned one and we decided to celebrate it at home with her brother, grandparents and cousins. After posting some images on our Instagram stories, we received lots of messages asking where all the bits were from so we thought a post outlining where to get them would be helpful.

It started with a dress… I spotted this absolutely gorgeous linen dress on our friend Lyndsey’s online store – Nouvella Baba – and although pricey I felt Mabel would get loads of wear out of it over the next few months… so it was worth it. Seriously, Lyndsey has an amazing eye for brands and pieces and has curated a selection of stunning children’s wear brands. She runs this business while also taking care of her three children – legend! Mabel’s rose gold t-bar shoes are from Hubble and Duke – an Australian brand and arrived just in time.

My styling experience has taught me that all beautiful styled events start with choosing a colour which sets the tone for everything else. As much as it surprised me that colour turned out to be pink! I’ve never been a huge fan of pink and when I found out I was a having a girl I was excited to dress her in all the earthy and grey tones I was seeing everywhere. However, slowly but surely the pink creeps in and now I find myself drawn to it… so pink was the colour of the day with hints of gold and green.

It was a small gathering so I decided to focus the styling around a retro bar cart that was left in our house after we bought it. The cake, cake pops and mini cupcakes were all made by the insanely talented Ramune from Ms Cupcake Cork.We are huge fans of Ramune work and her Instagram.You might remember the beautiful cake she did for Emie Rose’s first birthday. You’d be hard pushed to find more beautifully designed & delicious cakes than the ones Ramune makes. The detail she goes into is very impressive and her creations are real show stoppers.  I chose a lemon and blueberry flavour & it was so good we even had it for breakfast the following day.

As if we didn’t have enough sugar to keep us suitably high Huckleberry Doughnuts kindly gifted us some mouth-watering doughnuts for the party. Each one was nicer than the next and I should know… I tasted most of them! They’ve recently opened in Cork City with people queuing around the block to get their hands on some of their tasty doughnuts.

After searching Etsy and Instagram for a cake topper I came across a cute party website called Project Party and was delighted to see that firstly it was Irish and secondly it is owned by Alana who is a mama to three gorgeous girls.

Seriously all these amazing mamas with the most beautiful online stores is so inspiring to see… there is a whole online world of them out there. Alana hooked me up with the perfect gold glittery cake topper, candle and the cutest party hat for Mabel which I couldn’t believe she left on!

 As for all the other little details I visited some of the go to party/craft stores on the high street in the weeks before like Tiger (the paper fans on the wall were from here) TK Maxx (balloons) and our new obsession Sostrene Grene (happy birthday banner, napkins, straws, balloons all from here)

We had the loveliest day… & the only things missing were our besties, Nessa & Emie Rose. Hopefully the gang will all be back together for her 2nd birthday party.

*Not pictured – the absolute state of the place afterwards, not very Pinterest worthy…


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Images by Brid O’Donovan



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Afternoon Tea with Otterbox


One thing we have learned since having children is to never compare yourself to other mothers. We are all doing it our own way. Some days just won’t go our way and other days we get it right. Some days we couldn’t be bothered with the hassle to leave the house and then there comes a day when we are given the opportunity to get all dolled up (we may have overdone it but we don’t get out as often anymore…), shoot some photos for an amazing brand and have afternoon-tea with one of our beautiful friends Cliona who always makes us laugh so much. We worked around child-minders, husbands, school runs and we got a few hours child-free to discuss anything but our children. Next Wednesday has a lot to live up to. We might just get dolled up and lie on the couch drinking tea pretending we are back in Hayfield Manor with Otterbox.

Otterbox Mamas Otterbox CaseNessa Hurley and OtterboxOtterbox and Leona O'Sullivan BreenLean Mean Momma and Dreaming Always for OtterboxOtterbox and Dreaming Always DetailsFolio Case OtterboxStyle Details Dreaming AlwaysDreaming Always Nessa and Leona and Cliona

We are just going to go ahead and admit that we are both pretty obsessed with our iPhone. They are almost permanently attached to our hands. However, we might have passed the obsession on to the girls who now want to constantly hold them, throw the phones across the room or drop them on marble or concrete floors. Luckily we have discovered Otterbox phone cases. They make us feel a whole lot more at ease when our beloved iPhone’s are being clasped by those sticky little fingers. The phone cases not only protect our phones but they also allow us to carry around a stylish accessory which doesn’t happen too often either anymore. You can see some of our favourite cases, two of which are featured in this shoot, here, here and here.

Comparison is the thief of joy… make your own joy,


Images by Brid O’Donovan

Clothes | Topshop Opera Lane Cork

Phone Cases | Otterbox