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A Mama Meet-Up with Opera Lane

Every person is a new door to a different world…

The reason we started to do these Mama Meet-Ups was simple. We have connected online with so many wonderful women. We have had conversations with them under their beautiful posts on Instagram. We have liked their baby pictures and we have supported them virtually when they have had bad days and they have done the same for us. So the idea was that from time to time we would take those virtual friendships offline and into the real world. Small intimate gatherings of people who have never met but who share so many similarities like style, design, business, blogging and parenting. You might think it was a little crazy, awkward even to invite virtual strangers to come together for a few hours on a sunny Saturday morning… in reality it was anything but!

Most people were coming on their own, not knowing anyone else which is totally daunting when you think about it… kind of like a giant blind date! Sure there were a few funny moments, like when you see someone and you recognise them from their feed so naturally you go to call them by their Instagram handle & remember “oh no wait she has an actual name!” Manolo Mummy aka Lindsay gets this all the time. The refreshing thing was that everyone was so honest about feeling a bit nervy coming on their own. Of course there was the panic about what one wears to brunch. For some it was their first outing after having a baby and for all it was a much needed few hours of “me time” – queue snorts of laughter all round when we all admitted that we hadn’t a clue what to wear and the gorgeous Sarah from Salingers Little entertained us all saying she actually googled “what to wear to brunch?”

It was a dream collaboration with Opera Lane which is Cork’s destination for all things style & beauty. We were flattered when they admired what we do and completely ecstatic when they asked us if we would join forces with them to host some of their PR events this year. After our first meeting it was decided that brunch in the newly refurbished Montenotte Hotel would be the setting for our first meet up collaboration with Opera Lane. A relaxed gathering of women who love Instagram, to blog, run their own business and/or are mothers. We were treated to a delicious brunch and Natasha Crowley – Opera Lane’s Personal Stylist – talked us through some gorgeous spring summer looks for us mamas and our little ones from a selection of the stores on Opera Lane. You can book Natasha for a free personal styling session via the Opera Lane website. The styled set up & place settings were perfectly Instagramable and were designed by our friend Dee from Chapter who is an incredible Graphic and Interior Designer.

Do you ever meet someone and think… yep you are my kind of people. Well I had that x 20 with this bunch of women. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning surrounded by such a positive group of supportive and, not to mention, drop dead gorgeous women. The feedback we have received has given us a real lift and reminded us why we started Dreaming Always in the first place.

We believe it is so important to carve out time for you and to put yourself out there to push yourself, connect and meet with people who could very well become your support system both on and offline. You will feel the benefit of it afterwards, and you never know what opportunities it might lead to and at a minimum you will make some lovely like-minded friends. I know I came away from Saturday’s meet-up completely uplifted and inspired to do more events.

Plans are already in motion for our next one… Cocktails on the terrace of The Montenotte Hotel anyone?

L x

Images by Anna Groniecka

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Mama Treats

Mamas Dreaming Always

We are not huge believers in celebrations like Mother’s Day which is coming up very soon but we do believe there’s always an excuse to celebrate yourself. As human beings, every day brings small new victories our way. If anything we just need to celebrate life a little bit more. Nothing beats treating yourself. So go on, treat yourself right now. Whilst your baby is hanging off you. Whilst your boss is looking over your shoulder. Whilst you are waiting in the queue for the ATM. No matter what you are doing right now… besides obviously reading this post… go onto your favourite online store and treat yourself.

Dreaming Gift Guide

  1. We just love personalised jewellery. These ones look pretty from Posh Totty Design.
  2. We may have found a new favourite Irish brand – 31 Chapel Lane.

  1. Our dehydrated, scaly skin needs a new lease of life. Pestle & Mortar is Irish and owned by a mama of five!
  2. Seriously, these little slippers/mules/Arabian Princess shoes from Free People are gorge.


Mother's Day Guide

  1. Slinky, soft, silky pj’s from Free People
  2. We are both obsessed with cushions & Anthropologie has some of the best ones
  3. Holiday planning requires Rose-Gold Sunglasses
  4. How gorgeous are these wall hangings from Etsy?
  5. You’ve got this Mama – Mug from Scandiborn
  6. Satin blush trainers from Anthropologie


These are some bits we would really love to treat ourselves to right now. Time to hunt out our hidden credit cards…

Happy Shopping,



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Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

I got pretty mixed reactions from people when I told them quite suddenly that we were moving to Dubai. Looking back I definitely got way more shocked and perplexed expressions than anything else. A few people said I was really brave, others said I was inspiring. I just thought it would be a new adventure for us as a trio. I don’t think I really ever let myself think too hard about the move. In the end it all happened really quickly and we found ourselves landing into Dubai Airport with our little girl homeless. I will never forget the stress of the last two weeks before we left Ireland. It was absolute chaos. Emie-Rose had just started walking. She was constantly hurting herself – falling, walking into walls, hitting her head off tables, falling down stairs – and she needed a crazy amount of attention. We left our packing too late. We had to organise so many things. In the midst of packing our house up and running after a hyperactive baby who had just found her feet, I dropped a glass container on my foot in the most awkward place possible and I was told I would have to keep my foot elevated for two weeks. Four days before we were due to fly to Dubai. Everything was just so chaotic and it hasn’t stopped being chaotic since we got here. Nobody said it was going to be easy but I never expected it to be this hard.

Dubai 1

I started working two weeks after we arrived. I have never felt so nervous starting a job. I was terrified. I was worried about working in a new market that I wasn’t familiar with. I was traumatised at the thought of leaving Emie-Rose all day. I was lucky enough to work my own hours in Ireland since she was born. I was totally in control of how I managed my day and how much time we spent together. You definitely don’t appreciate what you have until you face a new challenge. So many women all over the world have been through it but you always feel like you are the only person going through your own issues. Whilst I didn’t feel homesick, I felt lonely. I felt like no-one could possibly understand how I was feeling. I had a fair few of those awkward teary-eyed moments in public when you know people can see that you are randomly about to burst out crying and you pretend you have something in your eye. People have been so kind. When you’re feeling vulnerable, people being kind can make you even more emotional. We are so lucky to be staying with family whilst we find our feet and organize everything out here in the desert. We have been living out of suitcases for the last five weeks and we will be doing so for many more weeks to come. Are we settled? No. Do I dream of sitting in my favourite local cafe back in Cork chatting to my girls? Yes. Do I miss the cold weather? No. I definitely miss knitwear though.

Don’t get me wrong. Our move hasn’t been a totally negative experience. First world problems and all that. We chose to make the move. We were lucky enough to be able to up and leave with no ties. We craved a new kind of adventure. There are lots of amazing places to visit here and so many new things to discover. I love the huge diversity of cultures here. I find it so interesting learning about different ways of life. My eyes have already been opened to a whole new world of possibilities. I have had so many interesting conversations with new people since I got here. People really look out for you here. Dubai is the most child-friendly place I have ever been. Saying that perhaps it’s a little too child-friendly here at times with strangers asking me if they can take a picture with my baby girl or randomly picking her up without asking me first. We wake up to sunshine. We have spent more time at the beach in the last five weeks as we have all year at home. We are together.

We haven’t put a date on when we might return home. It might be tomorrow, it might be in six months, it might be in two years or even ten years. The two most important things in life for me are family and happiness.

If we aren’t happy, we fix it. If we need to be with our family, we go to where our family is.

Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later,


Images by Claire Stafford

Dress & Sandals | Zara Kids

Playsuit & Sandals | Zara


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Mabel Turns One

Even though I am unsure about most things in life, I am certain I love you and will continue to love you forever…

Who else is guilty of binging on Pinterest the week before their kids birthday? Well that was me last week. Our baby girl Mabel turned one and we decided to celebrate it at home with her brother, grandparents and cousins. After posting some images on our Instagram stories, we received lots of messages asking where all the bits were from so we thought a post outlining where to get them would be helpful.

It started with a dress… I spotted this absolutely gorgeous linen dress on our friend Lyndsey’s online store – Nouvella Baba – and although pricey I felt Mabel would get loads of wear out of it over the next few months… so it was worth it. Seriously, Lyndsey has an amazing eye for brands and pieces and has curated a selection of stunning children’s wear brands. She runs this business while also taking care of her three children – legend! Mabel’s rose gold t-bar shoes are from Hubble and Duke – an Australian brand and arrived just in time.

My styling experience has taught me that all beautiful styled events start with choosing a colour which sets the tone for everything else. As much as it surprised me that colour turned out to be pink! I’ve never been a huge fan of pink and when I found out I was a having a girl I was excited to dress her in all the earthy and grey tones I was seeing everywhere. However, slowly but surely the pink creeps in and now I find myself drawn to it… so pink was the colour of the day with hints of gold and green.

It was a small gathering so I decided to focus the styling around a retro bar cart that was left in our house after we bought it. The cake, cake pops and mini cupcakes were all made by the insanely talented Ramune from Ms Cupcake Cork.We are huge fans of Ramune work and her Instagram.You might remember the beautiful cake she did for Emie Rose’s first birthday. You’d be hard pushed to find more beautifully designed & delicious cakes than the ones Ramune makes. The detail she goes into is very impressive and her creations are real show stoppers.  I chose a lemon and blueberry flavour & it was so good we even had it for breakfast the following day.

As if we didn’t have enough sugar to keep us suitably high Huckleberry Doughnuts kindly gifted us some mouth-watering doughnuts for the party. Each one was nicer than the next and I should know… I tasted most of them! They’ve recently opened in Cork City with people queuing around the block to get their hands on some of their tasty doughnuts.

After searching Etsy and Instagram for a cake topper I came across a cute party website called Project Party and was delighted to see that firstly it was Irish and secondly it is owned by Alana who is a mama to three gorgeous girls.

Seriously all these amazing mamas with the most beautiful online stores is so inspiring to see… there is a whole online world of them out there. Alana hooked me up with the perfect gold glittery cake topper, candle and the cutest party hat for Mabel which I couldn’t believe she left on!

 As for all the other little details I visited some of the go to party/craft stores on the high street in the weeks before like Tiger (the paper fans on the wall were from here) TK Maxx (balloons) and our new obsession Sostrene Grene (happy birthday banner, napkins, straws, balloons all from here)

We had the loveliest day… & the only things missing were our besties, Nessa & Emie Rose. Hopefully the gang will all be back together for her 2nd birthday party.

*Not pictured – the absolute state of the place afterwards, not very Pinterest worthy…


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Images by Brid O’Donovan




Him & I


 The days are long but the years are short…

Has there ever been such a bitter sweet statement for us mamas? No one ever told us that the biggest heartbreak of being a parent was that your kids would grow up and leave you. I mean we are a good few years off that stage yet but still… Archie says he wants to marry me when he grows up – I wonder how long that will last! The thought of them leaving to fend for themselves is pretty hard to fathom seeing as at the moment they don’t allow me any personal space and they need their bums & noses wiped pretty much on the hour, every hour. It does seem like light years away… those college years, but everyone I know with grown up children tells me it’s gone like a flash. One minute you are bringing them home from hospital… the next you are helping them choose college courses.

Time with my boy

I read an article before in which the author fondly remembered how his mother used to randomly surprise him and his siblings with little mini adventures. They would wake up get dressed for school, have their breakfast, brush their teeth and she would trundle them all into the car as if it was any normal run of the mill day. Once in the car she would shout “Mamas Holidays!!” and they would all squeal in delight. There would be no school or work and the day would be spent together eating ice cream or going to their favourite park/cafe. I absolutely loved the idea and it has stuck with me ever since.

Life gets so busy. We are all rushing heads down flying to work then leaving work in a panic to collect kids/babies and once home facing into the dinner bath/bed time routines. It is like we never stop.

What harm does it do every now and then just to stop and to not do what is expected of the day? None. It does no harm, so why don’t we do it more often? I’m not talking every week or even every month but now and then when it occurs to you to do it or when you just feel just need to stop.

outside the station

I knew I was in need of some alone time with Archie when he watched me intently one evening bathing his baby sister and afterwards as I wrapped her up tightly in a fluffy towel, he asked with a hint of sadness “remember when I was your first baby, mom?” Talk about a punch to my gut! Mom-guilt set in in a big way… was he feeling neglected? Was I too absorbed with the baby to even notice?

We were invited by our friends Sooby & Lili from Mutiny Kids to an event in Primark recently and I thought this is the perfect chance for us to do something fun and spontaneous together. It was in Dublin on a Monday in the middle of the day. Normally I would have declined as it would require too much re-organisation of our already busy week. I was also crazy in work and I’d have to rearrange the baby’s routine etc.

Lots of reasons to say no and one reason to say yes – time with my boy. TIME. Precious time. Days like these are important for both of us. He needs to feel like my baby and I need to focus solely on him even if it is just for a few hours.

I told him the night before that instead of going to Montessori in the morning we were catching a train to Dublin and we’d get a tram into the big city and the best bit for him… it was just going to be the two of us. Don’t get me wrong he adores his baby sister (we were only on the train to Dublin about 10 minutes when said he missed her) but the thought of it just being him and I on this adventure together for one day filled him with excitement.

Archie and LeonaLuas with Archie and Leona

In actual fact all we did was go from the station to the event and back again. The train journey was almost enough for him but it wasn’t really about what we did or where we went. What he (and I) loved were all the little moments. Like holding hands walking through a busy train station him wide eyed taking it all in, or buying our Luas ticket from the machine and holding on to it for dear life, or when we caught sight of the spire in the distance.

Time in DublinLeona and ArchieMama Boy AdventuresDublin TimeDreaming Always

All these small perfect innocent moments. I tried to soak them in, because he is not a baby anymore… he’s a little boy and soon he will be in school and then a teenager who won’t want to be seen dead with me. So I’m going to take these days with him while I can, holding hands just him and I… he was after all my first baby.


All images by Ivana Patarcic





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A Stroll Around Soho

be with those who help your being…

You may have noticed smoke coming from our Instagram Stories when we were in London a few weekends back. We went a bit mad documenting every step of our trip. We thought we might have been wrecking everyone’s heads but we had lots of lovely comments from people saying that they’d enjoyed watching what we got up to.

We were absolutely determined to make the most of our time in London. We had two full days and one night baby free and we weren’t going to waste it. It was also the last trip we would do before Nessa moves to Dubai so we wanted to make it a memorable one.

Our friend Sarah from Young Hearts had invited us to join her for Dot to Dot London. It’s an amazing independent kidswear exhibition held twice a year for industry and press. Most of the people we met are hardworking mothers who’ve set up their own businesses while raising their babies. It was a fantastic experience and we connected with some incredible new up-and-coming kidswear brands… so watch this space for some pretty gorge collaborations!

Before heading to Dot to Dot we had some time so we decided to have a mini Mama Meet-Up in the heart of Soho with some of our favourite pals, Sarah, Sooby & Lisa who were attending the exhibition too. We actually became friends with Sarah & Sooby via Instagram since we set up Dreaming Always. The power of social media connections. We met at an authentic Italian delicatessen – Lina Stores and grabbed a coffee before strolling around Soho freezing our bottoms off but laughing non-stop. Having admired her work for ages we arranged to meet the wonderful Victoria Metaxas to take some shots for us. She is a talented photographer, fashion and travel blogger with whom we immediately clicked.

What we love about our meet ups is that there is no one size fits all.

Since launching Dreaming Always last summer we’ve hosted meet ups in the shape of dinner and cocktails (sans enfants) and we have had fancier events that involved brand collaborations and we have had big ‘ol crazy play dates where no one gets to drink their tea or finish their sentences. It doesn’t matter when, where or how many people we can round up, we just love getting together with other mamas to chat, laugh, cry, eat or drink – or all of the above. Having said that this little get-away and meet-up felt a bit special because it was the last one Nessa and I would be hosting together for a while.

Life can be hectic and some weeks fly by in haze of school runs, laundry and sleepless nights.  As much as we love our babies and men we think it is essential to escape on our own every now and then with friends who also need to escape. Where better to go to than one of our most loved cities – London.

Thank you to this incredibly supportive and gorgeous girl gang for making our first Dreaming Always trip to London so memorable.

We are already planning the next one… who’s in?!


You can check out the girl’s gorge Instagrams here:

Sarah | Young Hearts

Sooby | Mutiny Kids

Lisa | Eliza Lily

Images by Victoria Metaxas







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DA Plans

You get a strange feeling when you are leaving a place. You will not only miss the people you love but you will miss the person you are at this very time and place because you know you will never be this way ever again.

You might have seen on Nessa’s Instagram that she is moving to Dubai with her little family. Yes… she is moving there in the next few weeks. We have been getting the sweetest messages from people asking us if this is the end for Dreaming Always and we can happily say that we really and truly think it is just the beginning.

Are you still going to continue with Dreaming Always when Nessa moves to Dubai?

Absolutely. Dreaming Always is going global! We will both be working on it from our own locations – Cork & Dubai. This means more diverse content, more travel and it offers our readers something a little unique. This platform we have created, both offline and online, is something that we are just so passionate about. We have created a place for sleep-deprived mamas to dream. Whether that mama is in Ireland or Dubai or somewhere in between, we want to help other mamas to realise that it is absolutely ok for them to feel overwhelmed and it is totally normal to want to run away and escape some days. We want to create a network of women who love being a mother but also love to be their own person too. As well as writing honest posts about motherhood and life in general and letting you know about our favourite (not always child-friendly!) places, we will continue to create beautiful photo stories for the website. Yes, a lot of them will now involve us posing alone and/or with the kids but as soon as we are on the same soil we will be doing them together.

2. Will you still host your Mama Meet-Ups?

Yes! We are already in the middle of planning some in both locations. We plan to host them regularly in Ireland and Dubai. Nessa visited Dubai recently and arranged to meet up with three gorgeous women who she met on Instagram – Helen, Irene, Simone and she just loved them. The power of social media is just incredible. Being able to host our Mama Meet-Ups in dual locations means that we can really reach out to a whole new network of amazing women. Of course Leona will have to go to Dubai for our first one out there.

3. What are your plans for 2017?

Nessa – To persuade Leona to move to Dubai…

Leona – To make Nessa stay in Ireland…

We cannot believe the support we have received since we started Dreaming Always last year. It has been so incredible to meet so many fantastic women and we want to meet so many more. We know it is going to be really tough for both of us over the next few months juggling everything but we are crazy excited for what is in store for us personally and for Dreaming Always. We are working on our own line of baby bonnets, Mabel Rose and we will be launching the first design soon. We have lots of travel planned starting with a trip to Dot to Dot London next weekend with two amazing mamas we have met since we launched Dreaming Always – Sarah & Sooby. We are also meeting with some of our favourite kids wear brands there. We are going to make it our mission to travel around Ireland also (and not just Cork & Dublin) to host our Mama Meet-Ups. We cannot actually believe it ourselves so we don’t mind if you don’t believe us either but we are now represented by an Irish agency. We are excited to bring things up another notch and to work with some great brands on collaborations. Phew, that sounds like a lot. Some days we can barely get ourselves out of bed and then other days we surprise ourselves with what we can achieve. We are going to take it all one day at a time but we really do hope that we get to do at least some of the things that we have planned. Nessa needs to leave the country first and at the rate she is packing and saying goodbye to all her beloved clothes she might never get out of here.

Coffee Date with Dreaming AlwaysDreaming Always in CorkDubai & Dreaming AlwaysDay Dreamers CorkNessa Hurley DreamerLeona DreamerDreaming Always of CoffeeDreaming Always Dubai and Cork

There are friendships imprinted in our hearts that will never be diminished by time and distance. Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things will always work out.

Time to turn the page,


Images by Brid O’Donovan

Place | Filter Coffee, Cork








The First Year

I never fully understood when other people spoke about their crazy love for their children or when other people spoke about the level of responsibility and constant guilt that you feel once you have children. I never really bothered with other people’s babies. I’ve always enjoyed playing with other people’s kids but I never really had a thing for babies. I didn’t enjoy being at lunch/dinner/coffee/events/anywhere with people that talked about babies. I didn’t realise then that I’d be perfectly happy to change my whole life for someone else, never mind that person being a little baby. I never imagined feeling like this. I never expected to fall in love with you like I have.

Dreaming Always First BirthdayEmie Rose 1st birthday partyBirthday Party DetailsParty StylingLittle Birthday GirlER First Birthday PartyBest Friends Birthday Party StyleParty CupcakesMy Mama and Emie Rose

I didn’t expect to feel so emotional on your 1st birthday. It was the most special day. I feel like I’ve learned more in this year than I have learned in my lifetime. Obviously I have learned how to take care of a baby and as a total beginner, it was not easy. It was actually really tough. Amazing but tough. I have learned so much about myself, my family, my friends and I think I have learned what I really want from life. I know that I want less now. I look at everything differently now. I know that I am incredibly lucky with what I have. I appreciate everything that people do for me now… even if it’s just a text to say hi from a friend. Being a mama can make you feel really lonely despite having a little companion 99% of the time. You don’t feel like yourself anymore and the old you has been replaced by this more organised but more chaotic version of you who cries randomly for no real reason and who dreams about sleeping all day but then cannot sleep at night. I no longer fantasise about going to a tropical island to a 5 star hotel to drink mojitos all day. These days I fantastise about booking into a cheap hotel down the road to sleep… on my own. I am always tired now. I am always stressed out now. I feel guilty about something all the time now. I am so insanely happy yet so bothered all the time. Motherhood makes you melt, laugh, cry, swear and scream every single day. It makes you talk to yourself and speak in weird voices. It makes you constantly hum the songs from plastic toys and Baby TV. It makes you cranky and get cross for no reason with your partner a lot. It makes you vulnerable. It makes you stronger. It makes you care more about things you didn’t really care about before. It makes you look at the world differently. It makes you appreciate your own parents more. Would I change things? No way. Even on the darkest of days when I feel like a failure and wish for a moment that I could go back to my pre-baby carefree days. No way. I am your mama. You are mine. I get to watch my little girl grow. I feel incredibly lucky every single day & I am so grateful for being able to be your mother. I have a little piece of me that is mine to adore forever.

Twinkle, twinkle little star. Wonderful is what you are.

I love you Emie-Rose.




Images by Brid O’Donovan






Listen To Your Heart

New Years Eve

At least once a week we have a very serious discussion which involves us promising to stop eating so many croissants, doughnuts, toast, chips, pizza and crisps. We also swear that we will help each other to stick to a healthier lifestyle and that we will start working out together. To date, none of this has happened. We do like to think that we are constantly working towards self-improvement – definitely more mentally than physically. We have a lot of big plans for 2017 and in order to take on the year with gusto, we know we need to be ready and prepared. We are ready to take on a few lifestyle changes.

We promise to drink 8 litres of water every single day. Okay, who are we kidding… how about we really try to stop drinking so much coffee and keep gin to Friday nights only.

We will work out together three times per week. We do like to use the excuse that we don’t have time with needy children and jobs (unfortunately we don’t get to take pretty photos of our babies for a living) so let’s be honest, we would be doing pretty well for ourselves with just walking more and eating less doughnuts whilst out walking.

We are going to live more in the moment, try to put down our phones more often and try really hard not to abruptly stop listening to each other mid-conversation because the other has unknowingly created an “Instagram-moment” and we just have to capture it. We need to start taking more social media breaks. It’s imperative for our sanity.

Dreaming Always 2017Dreaming Always NYEDreaming Always GirlsMabel and LeonaNYE Mamas Little Ladies Dreaming AlwaysDreaming Always GirlsBabas Dreaming Our Little Ladiesmabel breenDA Family

2016 has been a year to remember for so many reasons. It has also been a year filled with moments that we would rather forget. 2016 has been life-changing, magical, hard, happy, sad and filled with surprises. We are wrecked but we are so ready for what 2017 will bring our way. We are designing and working on our very own product line which we will be launching in the next few months. We are crazy excited. Without sounding too cliched and “blogger-like,” it is actually amazing what you can achieve once you get an idea in your head and just go for it. We are very aware that things don’t always work out but we like to follow our hearts. We tend to live by George Michael’s mantra that if you really want peace of mind, you have to listen to your heart.

We want to thank you so much for reading our posts. We really do love what we do & we are really looking forward to letting you know exactly what’s in store for us in the next few weeks.

2017, let’s go…


Images by Brid O’Donovan

Dolls | Lottie Dolls












On Angel’s Wings

Dreaming Always Angel Wings

Christmas magic is silent. You don’t hear it – you feel it. You know it. You believe it. At Christmas, all roads lead home. From our little angels to yours… have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Dreaming Always baby AngelsDreaming Always Angels Mabel BreenDreaming Always baby AngelsDreaming Always AngelDreaming Always Angel Baby WingsAngel Wings Dreaming AlwaysDreaming Always

See you all in the New Year for lots more dreaming.

Thank you so much for being here,



Images by Brid O’Donovan