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The Glucksman

Dreaming Always and The Glucksman Gallery

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life | Pablo Picasso

Like us, we are guessing that a lot of you are guilty of overlooking all the gorgeous things that are going on in your own city. Parks that you don’t even know exist, museums that you might not have ever visited and festivals and fairs that you skip each year. We are always looking for things to do in our home city of Cork, particularly since having children.

Shoot at The GlucksmanThe Glucksman Art Gallery UCC The Glucksman Art Gallery in UCCThe Glucksman Art Gallery DAThe Glucksman Art Gallery with Dreaming AlwaysGlucksman Art Gallery The Glucksman Art Gallery Leona and Mabelthe glucksman art gallery spaceNessa & Emie-Rose at the Glucksman GalleryMama & Mabelkids at the glucksman galleryThe Glucksman GalleryDreaming Always at The Glucksman Art GallerySmall Feet at The GlucksmanDreaming Always Ladies

We visited The Glucksman art gallery recently which is located on the grounds of University College Cork in the most striking modern steel and limestone building. It is such a beautiful space. We are both big fans of gorgeous architecture and art. The gallery hosts contemporary exhibitions and installations by national and international artists and also focuses on education and children and has it’s own delicious restaurant too. It is so child friendly too with a huge lift that the kids were fascinated by. It is so worth a visit.

For three days in November, The Glucksman opens up its award-winning gallery spaces for their annual Craft & Design Fair and features over 50 craftspeople selling their designs in jewellery, ceramics, wood, lighting, textiles and new technologies. Throughout the Craft and Design Fair weekend from Friday 11th – Sunday 13th November, the creative team at The Glucksman will run art workshops for children aged 5-12 years so that parents can go off shopping whilst the kids make their own craft masterpieces. Genius. We are really looking forward to hosting our next mama meet-up at The Glucksman during the Craft & Design Fair.

We are also so impressed by the Kids Club at The Glucksman. It encourages creative thinking and imaginative play which we really think is so important for our little ones. Their year-long memberships for the kids focus on them being the creatives and art-collectors of the future. We just love it. It’s such a perfect Christmas present for the little creatives amongst us.

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on,



All details on The Glucksman Craft & Design Fair 2016 can be found here.


Images by Brid O’Donovan Photography





Italian Moments

Italy6italy-1Mabel Colour


Maybe it’s because we are getting older, maybe it’s because we have kids but going on holidays has become a little less about where we are and more about who we are with.

We both love to travel and this summer we were both lucky enough to enjoy holidays abroad with our parents… and both came home vowing to do it again next year.

There is just something so special about watching the relationship between your children and their grandparents grow. We feel so grateful that we have the opportunity to experience this endless love. Splashing in the pool, sunrise beach walks, dinners at sunset, bike rides, taking endless pictures and eating plates of pasta – memories that will always stay with us and ones that we can pass on to our children. Spending time with loved-ones. It’s just what life is all about.

The extra help when there’s someone to take the baby for an hour whilst you enjoy a midday tipple reading a book by the pool is also a serious treat. We really didn’t appreciate the eight hours we used to spend baking on the sun-loungers enough in our pre-kids life. Holidaying with small babies can be quite stressful from the packing to trying to source milk formula aboard once you unexpectedly run out but we figure if you are going to be stressed anyway, why not be stressed in a beautiful sunny country?

Leona spent a week with her husband, Archie and Mabel and the rest of her family recently in Riccione on the Adriatic Coast of Italy for her father’s birthday.

Riccione is a beautiful historic town in Northern Italy. It’s incredibly family-friendly – you can even wheel your buggy on the handiest purpose-built wooden paths right to the edge of the sea. No getting stuck in the sand. It also has the cutest playgrounds and bicycle tracks at every turn. I adored the seaside promenade which stretches for miles dotted with the cutest coloured beach huts, cafes and bars where cheap but delicious prosecco and Aperol Spritz flows freely and the pink skies at sunset are just perfect.

Leona Italymabel Italyitaly4italy mabelLittle Legs

How cute is little Mabel on her holidays? We love the quote “Happiness is only real when shared” and that’s really been proved to us this summer,





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Coffee Date

Brid O'Donovan

Some souls just understand each other upon meeting.

Sometimes you meet a person and you just click – you’re immediately as comfortable with them as if they were family. You don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything. We have both learned a lot this year. We have learned that things don’t always turn out the way you planned. We have learned that there are things that go wrong and don’t always get put back together the way they were before. We have learned about the value of friendship and the importance of having people around you that just get you. We have learned that you can get through hard times as long as you have people that love you.  The people that love the imperfect you. The forgetful you. The busy you. The cranky you. The stressed you. The crazy you. We all go a little crazy at times.

Leona and Nessa GreenesGreenes Cork CityStyle 2Greenes Cork

We found the most perfect place for coffee last week in our own city. A place that has been in our city for years and years and we have only just discovered it as a coffee destination – Greenes Restaurant. We probably stumbled across it a few months too late as it’s the outdoor seating area that appealed to us. It’s right next to a gorgeous waterfall feature (where there’s water obviously) so it’s definitely not the place for babies on the move but it would have been the perfect spot in the city centre for coffee with Emie-Rose & Mabel this summer. We also had a little road-trip to Clonakilty the same week to visit a gorgeous store called Whitefawn Boutique.

Coffee Date4Whitefawn 2Whitefawn BoutiqueBootsFreepeople and Mango

We have set up our Places section of the website to share some of our favourite places with you – whether it’s where we like to shop, go to have coffee, where we like to go on holidays or our favourite place to drink gin.


Dress, Skirt, Jumper & Necklaces | Whitefawn Boutique

Images by Brid O’Donovan Photography