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A Room fit for a Superhero

I believe there is a hero in all of us that keeps us honest, gives us strength makes us noble…

Designing Archie’s room with Cathy from Flamingo Interior Design was so much fun! I love interior design and when we lived in an apartment I did everything from start to finish myself, alas that was a previous life before I had two kids and a full time job. As much as I wanted to get stuck into doing Archies room myself I am just time poor and had frustratingly been putting it on the long finger. That’s why using Flamingo Interior Design was a no-brainer for me. It allowed me the creative input I love but Cathy ran the entire project from start to finish including putting the whole room together one rainy Saturday.

 The fact we are good friends was a huge bonus as there is nobody’s opinion and advice on interior décor I trust more than Cathy. She has an incredible talent. You would have to be an interiors genius to create a room like she did from the random Pinterest boards I sent her and the images I would often WhatsApp her  inappropriately late at night. Honestly it was the best money I have ever spent and I am looking forward to working with her again on more projects in our home.


Cathy’s services begin with a thorough consultation. She comes to your home and asks you questions about the room and what your vision is. She then measures up the room and a week or so later there is another meeting where she presents a design file back to you based on all the conversations, ideas and images that have been discussed. This part of the process is so impressive. Cathy’s illustration skills are excellent so much so I feel I want to frame the sketches she did of the room. She goes through everything at this meeting from where she will source materials through to budget and is open to suggestions and input at every stage.

The room had become somewhat of a dumping ground for plastic toys since we moved in almost two years ago. My pain-points were mainly storage related and the fact that Archie was sleeping in the spare room in a double bed. He needed his own room. A space dedicated to him, his 117 Imaginex men, which I stand on a daily basis, and his books.

Cathy nailed it – plain and simple. She asked Archie things like who his favourite superhero was and what his favourite color was and she took a genuine interest in what we both wanted. She ended up creating a room that was functional, beautiful and above all, really fun. She did a Superhero theme in a subtle way from the geometric wall decals to designing and hand-making the Superhero dress-up clothing rail and adding little touches like the Avengers bed spread and wall-prints. I’m not the biggest Avengers fan but one look at this room and you don’t have to be a 4 year old boy to love it.

The backdrop colours for the room are monochromatic and she added hints of buttery yellow and the comic colour blues and reds of his toys really pop against it. The bed we chose is from Ikea.

The reading nook is my favourite feature in the room. Archie is lucky to have some really beautiful books and I wanted to have them displayed rather than hidden away. Creating such an inviting space to read alone or with us was really important to me. The book shelves are from Ikea and the bean bag was the perfect colour and an Etsy find.

The room really needed additional storage and to address this Cathy designed the most beautiful storage boxes made from birch plywood. They are free standing compact storage boxes with fabric inserts. I love how they give the room a Scandi feel! She also had a trolley version made on wheels too which is perfect for hiding all the toys once Archie is finished playing. I love how these look in the room and the fact that they double up as storage and seating is an added plus.

Cathy is all personality and she puts her heart and soul into everything she does and this gorgeous room makeover was no different. The little touches like sourcing a retro bedside locker and painting it the exact shade of yellow, finding the perfect Spider-Man quote, Archie’s favourite Superhero, and framing it and choosing beautiful shelving from Sostrene Grene because she knows I love a good #shelfie.  These thoughtful details made all the difference for me.

If you have a home or a room that needs a makeover and you don’t know where to start or haven’t the time to tackle it yourself, then Cathy from Flamingo Interior Design is the woman for you!

Up next for a makeover is little Mabel’s room so watch this space for more interiors…



Welcome to Dreaming Always

dreaming always

Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time. For dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams we plants the seeds of our future.

Dreaming Always | a place where sleep deprived mamas come to dream… We have created Dreaming Always as a platform, both offline and online, where creative & sleep-deprived mamas can meet. Our hope is that Dreaming Always will bring like-minded women together to laugh about the struggles and beauty of motherhood, to develop our businesses, to network and to share our dreams openly, honestly and with a sense of humour. We have only been active on Instagram so far as it took way longer than we expected for us to get this website ready. It might have had something to do with two little girls being born and life just taking a different direction but we have finally launched it and we are delighted that you have taken the time to visit. From time to time we will feature styled photo-shoots, inspiration for other mamas, the places we love to visit and lots in between. We are planning mama meet-ups around Ireland over the next few months where like-minded mamas can get together for coffee so keep an eye on our Instagram for details. It give us the escape we crave from time to time when everything gets too much. We are simply attempting to make this motherhood business an easier and more enjoyable adventure for all involved.