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  • Hello.
    Just came across your Instagram page and it sounds fab! Im located in Dublin, mum of 3 and business owner of
    Gill x

  • Hi there,

    How are Ye doing?
    I hope you don’t mind my reaching out to you. I totally appreciate that this is not your target remit, but I wondered if I might be able to bend your ear on any thoughts you might have/ideas you might be willing to share with me for an event I am trying to arrange please?

    I say event as my sister is looking to have almost 50 ladies to her hen on Saturday 15th Sept. in Cork.
    I have not booked accommodation yet, but I’ve enquired at a number of places, e.g. Montenote, Kingsley, river lee. However, I am really trying to figure out what activity/dinner to do before committing to where the heads will finally be rested.

    Any suggestions you might have as alternative to the usual cocktail making/hen ideas would be most welcome. We will have everybody from her BFFs; to aunties; to mammies & granny there please god!

    Absolutely no worries if you are too busy to respond, no stress – I thought I would chance my arm at reaching out!

    Thanks so much both.
    A massive admirer of yer work & projects.


    • Kate, so so so sorry but we are only seeing this now as it was in our comments section which we very boldly havent checked in ages!!! You must think we are so rude!!! So so sorry! Let us know if you still need any recommendations lovely x email is


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