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dreaming always

“Balancing work and family life is easier said than done. It’s hard adjusting to the reality that my time is no longer completely my own. Even in the chaos of a full on work schedule over the last few years I knew I would always be guaranteed some down time each day to unwind…even it was only to sleep!”

We understand that not all mamas want to sit around discussing nappy rash and the like. We have started hosting mama meet-ups to bring like-minded mothers together to laugh about the struggles and beauty of motherhood, to talk business, to network and to share our dreams openly, honestly and with a sense of humour.

We shared pastries and coffee recently with three amazing ladies and their little ones in Leona’s home.

dreaming alwaysdreaming alwaysdreaming alwaysdreaming always

Ciara O’Halloran | stylist & musician

Ciara is the sweetest mama to the most gorgeous little blue eyed girl called Ailbhe. She is also an amazing freelance wedding, interiors, food and lifestyle stylist AND musician. The talent simply oozes out of her.

“It’s very important for me to show Ailbhe that pursuing what you love is a worthy and admirable goal, even if it means I have to spend time away from her. I hope it will inspire her to seek out her own adventures and do what it takes to live a happy and fulfilled life when she’s older, whatever that might entail…”


dreaming alwaysdreaming alwaysdreaming always

Cliona O’Connor | lifestyle blogger

Cliona makes us want to be a better version of ourselves. She is super healthy, super gorgeous & a super mama to four incredible kids. She makes us laugh out loud and we love her lifestyle blog where she discusses the reality of mamahood.

“There is the constant struggle between being the “old” you and doing the things pre-buba that you loved and being a mama. You gotta’ keep the show on the road…even when you feel like curling up in a ball and crying/sleeping/bawling”


dreaming alwaysdreaming always

Cathy O’Donoghue | vintage boutique owner, stylist & lifestyle blogger

Cathy has the cutest threenager called Nancy who helps her out with her gorgeous online vintage store, Turquoise Flamingo. Cathy also runs dreamy styling & wedding workshops and blogs about everything from interiors to vintage fashion. Her Instagram is also one of our all-time favourite accounts.

“I could sum mamahood up as: sleepless nights when all you want to do is sleep and the nights they’re deep in dreamland, all you want to do is wake them up! Being a mama also means loving someone so much that even their farts seem cute”


dreaming alwaysdreaming alwaysdreaming alwaysdreaming alwaysdreaming alwaysdreaming always

We are constantly being inspired and learning so much from other women every day,



Images | Naomi Kamat Photography



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