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Magda Lukas

I believe that there are very special people put on this earth to create beauty for everyone else around them to enjoy. From the moment I met my beautiful friend Magda, I knew that there was something special, if not almost otherworldly, about her. She is a rare gem, she has a raw talent, she is the definition of creativity and she is a true beauty. She is my friend, she is a photographer, she is an artist and she is an inspiration. She has captured some of the biggest moments in my life and I have always admired her photography style. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that she is also a talented artist and I have been simply blown away. 

Dreaming Always ArtMagda Lukas Art

A water bath, Irish seaweed extract, pastel colours and some watercolour paper is what it takes for Magda to create her magic. Magda is an artist who loves to explore colour and patterns. She is fascinated by traditional craft or marbling. She believes, as do Leona and I, that our homes are so much more that just a roof over our heads. The places in which we live should be enjoyed, provide protection, respite, peace, inspiration and warmth to all who enter.

Colourful artwork can dramatically alter any space within a home. Colour is powerful – it can cleanse and revive a tired area in any home, and can change a mood & lift the spirits. My work is light and fresh and the compositions are a delicate balance of winding layers of colour. My vision is to create the finest quality, happy and colourful art work which graces the homes of my clients.

There is just something so unbelievably refreshing about Magda. One of those people that do not have a clue about how unbelievably amazing they are.

It’s that heart of gold & stardust soul that make you beautiful,


Images by Magda Lukas

Art | Magda Lukas Art

You can buy Magda’s art here.

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