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We are not huge believers in celebrations like Mother’s Day which is coming up very soon but we do believe there’s always an excuse to celebrate yourself. As human beings, every day brings small new victories our way. If anything we just need to celebrate life a little bit more. Nothing beats treating yourself. So go on, treat yourself right now. Whilst your baby is hanging off you. Whilst your boss is looking over your shoulder. Whilst you are waiting in the queue for the ATM. No matter what you are doing right now… besides obviously reading this post… go onto your favourite online store and treat yourself.

Dreaming Gift Guide

  1. We just love personalised jewellery. These ones look pretty from Posh Totty Design.
  2. We may have found a new favourite Irish brand – 31 Chapel Lane.

  1. Our dehydrated, scaly skin needs a new lease of life. Pestle & Mortar is Irish and owned by a mama of five!
  2. Seriously, these little slippers/mules/Arabian Princess shoes from Free People are gorge.


Mother's Day Guide

  1. Slinky, soft, silky pj’s from Free People
  2. We are both obsessed with cushions & Anthropologie has some of the best ones
  3. Holiday planning requires Rose-Gold Sunglasses
  4. How gorgeous are these wall hangings from Etsy?
  5. You’ve got this Mama – Mug from Scandiborn
  6. Satin blush trainers from Anthropologie


These are some bits we would really love to treat ourselves to right now. Time to hunt out our hidden credit cards…

Happy Shopping,



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