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rencontres algérie 2015 Constantly challenge yourself. There lies a motto I have lived by for as long as I can remember. I have always been ridiculously determined, some would say stubborn. I challenge my capabilities constantly. Every now and then I surprise myself greatly. At other times, I have to accept defeat. One of the greatest challenges I have faced in my life has been moving my family abroad. It may not seem like a huge challenge to many of you. I know, people do it all the time. For me however, second to becoming a mother, it has been an enormous challenge. I only left Ireland 9 weeks ago. 9 short weeks ago. It feels like I haven’t been at home for way longer.

ebook opzioni digitali One thing that has resonated with me since we moved is that I have some really special friends at home. A small number of people that will be a huge part of my life forever regardless of what is happening in each of our lives. These kind of people are gold. I have also realized that moving abroad means finding a whole new gang of people to be a part of your life. People to call upon should you need help and people to share a coffee or a big gin with. As Leona mentioned in our last post, we have connected online with so many wonderful women. Women who stand up for what they believe in, who are passionate and who love to support other women. We have had lengthy conversations with them online. It went from liking each other’s pictures through to supporting them virtually when they have had bad days and they have done the same for us. Through social media, I met some really great women who have been so supportive long before I even landed in Dubai and some women who I just clicked with immediately upon meeting them in “real life!” Helen, Simone, Irene and Kaya are those kind of women that Leona and I just love to be around. Simone, Irene and Helen each have their own gorgeous lifestyle websites and Kaya is editor of one of my favourite websites, Sassy Mama Dubai. Dubai MamasDubai SunsetSunset Drinks Mama Meet UpDubai MamasNessa DubaiGingham and SparkleDreaming Always DubaiClaire Stafford Photography

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