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Every family has a story to tell. Family is forever.

Leona had a family photo-shoot done to celebrate the arrival of her second baby, Mabel, with her husband and little boy Archie. We both just adore the photos shot by Naomi Kamat.

“The morning of the shoot I very nearly canceled. Mabel was 9 weeks old and the round the clock feeding and sleep deprivation had taken its toll, my incredibly camera shy husband didn’t want to be in any shots and Archie was hyper. Why did I draw this on myself? I dragged myself into the shower and before I knew it Naomi was at the door. I didn’t have time to put on a truck load of makeup or even dry my hair. I was worried we would look all over the place which was in all honesty the reality. I shouldn’t have worried because Naomi was amazing. She sat and drank tea with us, picking up her camera every now and then to take discreet shots. She made Archie feel at ease and caught the most precious candid moments between him and my husband that he just loves. It shows how much motherhood changes you when you look at a photo of yourself and instead of being critical of how you look you see beyond that and see you as you are in that moment exhausted but blissfully happy.”


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Family isn’t an important thing. It’s everything.


Images | Naomi Kamat Photography



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  • Love this and the pics you are so right it is so important. Love the website too ladies looking forward to seeing more from such a good duo xxx

  • Stunning pics and it just goes to show how beautiful authenticity is…

  • Ah jeez that’s so cute… love archies armour..

  • I absolutely love this post! Your so right.. Family is everything! It’s life. Now I’m off to squeeze my “baby” some more, which I am sure her (four your old) self will be delighted with. Over- bearing mom alert. Congratulations ladies on the website! I’m pretty sure, since reading the last four posts I am going to be glued to all of the others to come. Can’t wait! Best of luck, Fi x


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